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2 Men Who Claimed To Be Jesus Christ In Their Countries And How They Ended Up

Christ of Nazareth was crucified almost a thousand years ago, and three days later, he was exalted to the highest point in the sky. As a result, some men have come forward claiming to be Jesus Christ, while also attempting to copy or duplicate some of his behaviors when he was on the planet. We will see two guys who claimed to be Jesus Christ and how their lives turned out in this video.

Jesus of Siberia

Vissarion the teacher, a guy from Siberia in Russia who went by the name of Sergei Torop, claimed to be Jesus Christ and claimed to be the teacher of Jesus Christ. According to Guardian piece stated that, after losing his work in 1989, he had a "awakening." He said that this occurred as a result of his loss of employment. The fact that he had long hair and beards, as well as the fact that he was generally dressed in long, flowing robes, helped to convince people of his credibility.

The Russian government arrested him in September 2020 on charges of extortion of his followers and engaging in illegal religious activities. He had amassed a large number of followers in a short period of time and preached decency, abstinence from alcohol, and refraining from the use of money, but things did not turn out well for him.

Oyingbo Jesu

According to the legend, Emmanuel Odumosu, also known by the alias Jesu Oyingbo, claimed to be the return of Jesus Christ. Secularism was introduced by him in Lagos, and it quickly spread throughout the country. His lectures were first delivered over loudspeakers set up outside a church hall near Oyingbo Market, according to a Legit story, which earned him the moniker 'Jesu Onyigbo' (Jesus of the Oyingbo Market). According to him, he had had visions and dreams from God, and that he had been selected to be the Messiah, the one who would save the world from its sins.

He died in a private hospital in Lagos, Nigeria in 1988, despite the fact that he had predicted that he wouldn't die. Immediately following his death, his disciples buried him in a cool location in the hopes that he would revive; but, he did not, and he was buried after a period of time.

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