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Prophet Mboro healed a bed ridden woman: video

Prophet Mboro is at it again, this woman was brought to church on a wheelchair, she could not walk, she could not do anything for herrself. It was really a very painful situation, it looks like she's been sick for quite a long time.

Dhe has done an operation that ended up coming out pass on her stomach. It was really a very bad situation, she was in a very bad state. I can see the husband and other people that are besides her, it looks like they are her children, they are all grateful to God Almighty for healing their mother, or for taking their mother out of this horrible state, that nearly claimed her life.

The power of God really exist, miracles really exists, it's just that our men of God have been involved too much in the things of the world, chasing money, but I believe that some of them they are really used by God to can change people's lives. This was a very emotional video, I don't want to add anything to it, or trying to criticise the prophet Mboro there, but I'm just appreciative that at least this woman was delivered, and she has her life restored back to her again, glory to God.

Thank you

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