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Gabriel the archangel left this message for believers through a dream I had last night (FICTION)

The almighty Lord works in mysterious ways all the time. He never sleeps or slumber. When the days are dark and friends are few he is always there taking heed to everything people want to tell him. He has already done a lot for many, including the non-believers because he does not segregate.

Who is mightier and gracious than him? He is the Lord who resurrected Lazarus from the dead. The nations bow down to him for he is greater than anything. The angels too bow before him. He is righteous and he is holy. Never ever in your life be sceptical of the fact that he loves you because he loves you unconditionally.

Last night at around 00h10 after kneeling down and praying, Gabriel the archangel unexpectedly paid me a brief visit. He assured me that everything will be okay in the end. The message he left before he faded into thin air is for all the believers out there who believe in the Father, the son and the holy spirit.

I cannot remember all his precise words, but I did grasp what his message was all about. He was warning people to stop worshipping idols and God at the same time because that aggravates God, the Father. Through Gabriel's bold voice, I initially sensed nothing but annoyance, but in the end it was full of warmth and calmness. The vitally important words that I remember him saying are as follows :

"Whoever rebels against God's word and does not obey it will be put to death, but whoever obeys it willl be given the eternal life. The sheep of the Lord will hear his voice and will never perish. No one will be able to snatch them out of his hand. Tell the people to get ready for times of sorrow will come to an end soon. The Lord is going to lift them up, only if they can humble themselves by the side of him".

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