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Jesus Is Coming Soon; Here Is What The Bible Say That Christians Must Face Before They Enter Heaven

Satan never takes a break. He continues to prowl the streets like a raging lion, looking for prey. Do not believe that changing cities, streets, locations, churches, jobs, or businesses will free you from temptation. According to an adage, there is no spirit in any place where a sick person is taken. As God is present to protect you, Satan is present to tempt and attack you in order to bring you down.

Imagine Paul and Barnabas leaving Antioch for Lconium, where unbelieving Jews came to wage war against the gospel. They left for Lystra, where they were pursued and even mobilized the people who saw them as gods to stone them to death, if it weren't for the support and prayer of the brethren. The question is, what did we do to satan to make him refuse to let us rest? You are an enemy of Satan as long as you have the seal of God on your person, and he will pursue you until you die. Expect him to appear anywhere, and be prepared to knock on his door in the name of Jesus Christ.

When something bad happens to a believer, show solidarity and identify with him or her, regardless of his or her church or denomination. When the brothers gathered around the stoned Paul in Acts 14 verse 20, he rose and went into the city. His enemies believed he had died, but the saints' prayers and encouragement resurrected him. Today, be an Angel to a believer who is in trouble or in need. That is the way to be a good Sameritan and a brother's keeper. There will be no rest until we enter heaven.

Paul returned to preaching the gospel as soon as he regained some strength, disregarding the pains of the day before. How many people can go preach the gospel with a swollen face, bruises, and bandages? Fever, exhaustion, and headaches prevent us from attending church, let alone witnessing, whereas Paul, who had been stoned to death, went to preach with great pains.

What a huge task for you and me! Make a decision right now to use whatever strength you have to do God's work. He did not fear the danger zone and returned to preach the gospel there. We should fear God, who can kill both the flesh and the soul and cast them into hell, rather than man, who can only kill the flesh. He encouraged the brethren, telling them that we must enter the kingdom of God through tribulation. Do you fear being persecuted? Try this brother's ordeal. They aqointed elders with fasting to look after the church after that.

Is it customary in your church to ordain elders, pastors, and bishops through fasting or elaborate ceremonies? It's no surprise that eldership has evolved into a title rather than a service. Ministers appoint elders to produce church merchandise and enrich themselves. Finally, Paul and Barnabas traveled to Antioch to report on what God had done through them to the church.

Why didn't they inform the church of what Satan had done to them? We spend more time talking about what Satan has done to us than we do about what God has done to us, brethren. Because a living dog is better than a dead lion, the mere fact that you are alive to testify means that what God has done surpasses what Satan has done.

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