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Every Goliath has an exposed forehead somewhere (prophet Makandiwa)

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, the founder of United family International Church. This is a man of God that God has given mandate to watch over Zimbabwe.

There are other true prophets and the men of God that are having their own titles all over Zimbabwe. I don't compare them, they are all used by God, but this man was raised by God for the nation of Zimbabwe with a very special assignment.

He is one man that should have a voice that people should take seriously, iff they want to be guided by God. I'm not trying to compare prophets, but Zimbabwe has been blessed with the prophets like a prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and Dr Ian Ndlovu.

There is a serious revival over that country. These are the most reputable man of God that I've ever known, never mind the conspiracy theories against them. One thing that you must know is that, with great power comes great responsibility. Even if they will not be scandals, but with the level that God has elevated them, the capacity they have, other people that are following them on social networks. You can be able to see that the responsibility is big, one thing that I know is that out of such a responsibility, there is no way in which there will be no misunderstandings.

Some of the misunderstandings are fabricated by the people that are asigned by their competitors to take them down. It is not everybody that these men of God are leading is a true disciple. It is not everybody that these men are teaching is teachable, it is not everybody that is a true student.

It is not everybody that goes to their churches with good intentions. Some of them they are agents of darkness that are sent. Some of them they are jealous people that are working with their competitors to take them down.

Some are making money by targeting famous prophets.

They just wait for them to slip up, weather on a tongue, deeds, walk or anything, so that they can use that to take them down, but may the Lord bless his prophets against the brutality of this world.

Here is what prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa encourages you with below:

Every Goliath has an exposed forehead.

God is blessing you with the ability to discover the weakest point of your situation.

You are shifting into the supernatural in everything you do!



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