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Opinion: High Rise In Number of Sangoma's Could Mean A spiritual Attack. Sangoma or Demons?

Becoming a sangoma in South Africa seems like it has become the goal for many youngsters, many young people are sharing their initiation journeys and how they came about choosing to become sangoma's. Social media has enabled the whole becoming a sangoma thing to become fashion in a sense.

More youngsters have celebrities they look up to who are sangoma's and publicly glamourize it. In the olden days being a sangoma was sacred and treated as such, not everybody had a calling like in today's world. The traditions are no longer protected and kept sacred, everything is splashed on social media.

Although it cannot be denied that there are truly those chosen and called to become sangoma's nowadays you cannot easily tell.

Could the surge in people claiming to have callings be a sign that an attack, a spiritual attack is being forged against humanity and good, it does not make sense how everyone is becoming a sangoma. Then who will the sangoma's serve if all are now becoming sangoma's, some go for initiation and never come back to practice and help people as sangoma's, immediately after initiation their lives go back to normal.

Thanks for reading. What do you think about these large numbers of people having sangoma callings? Feel free to leave you comment, after all this is my opinion and I would like to know yours.

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