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Ritual to call upon lost or stolen ancestors

Ritual to call upon lost or stolen ancestors.

Take a bowl

Pour cup of maize meal

Pour half cup of sugar

Light up blue and yellow candle

Put R1 coin inside the bowl.

And start praying call upon God to intervene to make the ritual a success.

Then face the direction of where the sun rises 

Stir the mixture in the bowl with one hand while speaking calling upon ancestors .

If you know your ancestors call them by names.

If you don't know that just say " ancestors from Mother's family and ancestors from father's family' don't call surnames.

Then say all your wishes and how you wish thy could assist you in bringing light upon your life.

When done switch off the candles and bath your hands in the bowl. And leave it like that then wake up at 5 pour the mixture from the bowl in a bathing dish add water and bath without soap and throw the water away when done 

Do this for full 3 days.

And return with testimony.

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