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Opinion||Difference between African and American Christianity

When you watch sermons of American Pastors like TD Jakes, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, and others you won't help but notice a major difference between the European / American way of doing things and the African way of doing things.

There is a famous saying among people that the Gospel left Israel as family, went to Rome as religion, went to Europe as politics, and finally arrived in Africa as a business.

Without any intention of discrediting our gospel or looking down upon it. If there are false prophets of n the world it is by no doubt that 60% of them if not more are in Africa. As small a continent as we are Christianity swept us off our seats, we accepted it, we made it our way of life, and finally, we did it the African way.

Our Churches are ran no differently from our politics. There's too much similarity to an extent one may believe churches are overseen by politicians and countries are ran by pastors.

Corruption is found in the church, dictatorship is found in the church, sexual crimes are a norm in the church, and believe it or not we have seen Coup d’etat attempts in the church. The most recent coup attempt we witnessed was President Buhari of Nigeria accusing the Catholic Church of the plots to forcibly remove the President.

One of the biggest Churches in South Africa witnesses a bloody coup last year 2020 on the 11th July, which saw 5 members of the Church lose their lives after gunmen stormed the church and let the bullets fly on congregants. The International Pentecostal Holiness Church popularly known as IPHC or by their so famous choir IPCC agreed to the CRL rights commission that this was a leadership feud and there are factions within the church. Whenever we speak of factions nowadays we can't help but think of the African National Congress the ruling party in South Africa, therefore the similarities are scary.

America and Europe boasts of having Evangelists and Preachers but we boast of Prophets. I don't want to send the message that God can't work through Africans but are we more thirsty for what God can do than God himself.

I have never been to an American church physically but from the tv you can pick out to many differences. From dress codes, worship and preaching style to even the length of the service itself is different. Westerners seem to long for Christ, seem to want a relationship with him that's why you find those churches full whether miracles are performed or not.

Here in Africa a church that preaches genuine gospel or let me rather say that preaches salvation from Christ doesn't even have half the members as compared to churches that perform miracles and preach the gospel that is comfortable to the church.

Are we as Africa a Nation that only thirst for what God can do and not Christ as a savior? We need to self introspect and see whether we are naive and gullible so much and that is the reason why we fall for scammers easily. What's your take?

Content created and supplied by: Mkhondlo (via Opera News )

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