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OPINION| Jacob Zuma's Definition of RET

We have a habit of using the same words and terminologies and think we all mean the same thing. This happen more in politics and in religion than in ordinary conversation. Take people of different religions which have sharp disagreement but they good friends and neighbours.

Put a Christian, and two more people from other religions. One of them say: God the Almighty will protect us. They all agree that only Him will save them. However when you ask individuals more about God they are talking about, you discover that they are not talking about same God but used the same words.

Now take Jacob Zuma, Dr Blade Nzimande, Ramaphosa and Rupert and discuss about RET then ask them individually what they mean about RET. You will find out why they are not in the same political camps. When you discuss terminologies make sure you mean the same thing in that one word/s or terminology before you continue or accept different understanding.

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