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Uzalo: Nkunzi plays KwaMhashu's new godfather

So Nkunzi is as stubborn as as donkey when it comes to giving the people their church back. 

He recently told a delegation comprising of MaMlambo, Mbatha, Zekethelo, mam Madlala and Sambulo that they were not united and they could never lead KwaMhashu Kingdom Church. 

“Nkunzi was raised by people who took him to church, he is not anti-religion. He has always donated to KKC. After listening to the community, his mission now is to save the church and have it taken over by the right people who will open it for holy service again,” explains Masoja.


We’re sworn to secrecy about how Nkunzi takes control of the church, but we can tell you that he’s going to be a hands-on “owner”. 

“He secretly interviews potential pastors without them realising. It’s an informal chat but he’s reading them. He doesn’t want fake prophets. He wants the congregation to regain their faith through the church,” says Masoja, hinting that it’s time for a new face preaching from the pulpit who will turn a blind eye to his “business”…

How will this chess game play out though? 

Source: TVSA

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MaMlambo Masoja Nkunzi Sambulo Zekethelo


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