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IN SHOCK: A Nigerian prophet EXPOSED A Plot to Kill Julius Malema. He Said This Will Happen to Him

This person is known for speaking his mind, even when it's not popular, and we refer to him as Julius Malema when we do so. Julius Malema is not afraid to speak the truth when it comes to the facts of the matter. The fact that he has worked so hard to ensure that black people are compensated for the land that was taken from them during the apartheid era has enraged many people, especially white people.

To put it simply, Malema has a deep-seated antipathy toward white people, and he's not afraid to show it. As a result, the song "kill the boer." had to be reworked. There are now many white opponents surrounding him in the wake of this. Some have gone so far as to make threats and insults about him on social media.

As if this weren't bad enough, Malema has fallen out of favor in Mzansi in recent months due to his efforts to protect immigrants at a time when many Mzansians want them to leave the country altogether. As a result of this, there has been a schism in public opinion of Malema. There should be no borders between African countries, he believes, because we are all one.

Because of his opinions on immigrants from other countries, he is disliked by many people. Malema's detractors perceive him as a danger to the opposition parties, which is why he has foes. The fact that he has numerous adversaries who may try to kill him is well-known, but he appears unconcerned.


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