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Do You Know That Cowardice Has No Place In God's Kingdom? Take Your Rightful Place Forcefully

"And from the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been subjected to violence, and the violent have taken it by force." Matthew 11:12

Without a conscious decision, there can be no actual advancement in life. As the proverb goes, "Life does not give you what you deserve, but what you demand." And, in many circumstances, resorting to violence to enforce your rights is unavoidable. So, if you want to keep your belongings, you must seize them with care, even if it means employing force.

You must first rise in order to move; you must first decide to rise in order to take your place. One of the enemy's key strategies is to keep God's people dormant. The devil desires for God's children to live in fear and trepidation. However, you must not be led astray by the devil's resistance and confrontation into lukewarmness and stagnation.

Allowing a disagreement with an opponent to hinder your development in life is never a good idea. Allowing the enemy to determine how you live your life is never a good idea. Rise up and claim your property in God, regardless of life's challenges and battles.

If the devil has confined you to a sitting position or transformed you into a timid, shadow version of yourself, I predict that today the 'lion' within you will roar, the powerful person within you will emerge, and the real you will emerge. You will realize your destiny in the name of Jesus.

When your fate is being decided, make a conscious effort not to remain silent. Never accept the opponent's refusal; fight back against any hostile opposition on your route to attaining your goals and fulfilling your destiny.

No Satan will ever be able to turn me into a coward in my life. I'm not going to let the devil to keep me from taking action. In Jesus' name, please enable me to take my due place and claim my rights in life and destiny.

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