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“Religion will be the end of us” People React to Church Where Men Wear Short Dressed. (Pictures)

Religion is a big part of humanity’s existence, whilst different religions exist, they all seem to be centered on the idea of a superior being(s).

In Africa, the most dominating religion is Christianity which centers around God and Jesus. There are many different types of churches of which are part of the Christian religion, whilst some of the practices, dressing code, and sometimes preaching differs they all have one focus and that is God.

This church is no different, it is just their attire that raised eyebrows and caused confusion and left many with questions on social media. The picture of the men in their church attires, which is wearing blue shirts, short dungarees, white socks that cover up to their calves paired with black gladiator like shoes.

It was without a doubt evident that many had not seen this type of church uniform before, as many users reacted to the picture. Whilst some pointed out very concerning details about the pictures.

Others noticed that whilst the man are wearing short dungarees most parts of their legs, the woman are wearing very long dresses/skirts that cover all their legs.

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