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"Life is a journey between the womb and the tomb: Joshua Maphonga

The Bible says there is a time for everything, there is a time to be born, there is a time to die. So the time to be born I guess it is the one that is referred to by Joshua Maphonga as a journey from the womb. There is time to die, it is the one that he is referring to as a journey to the tomb.

There is something that I have seen, on these two words, a womb and a tomb, both of them sound similar, the only gave difference is the first letters, but they sound the same. If we can all bear in mind that if you leave an appointment with a day of birth, you are definitely going to have an appointment with the day of death.

Also bearing in mind that the words birth and death, they all sound the same. The difference is in their first letters. It is a reality of life, get yourself ready always.

"Life is a journey between the womb and the tomb. Remember you were planted into the womb... you will be planted again into the tomb/soil. Seeds germinate after the rain!"

~ Maponga Joshua III

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Joshua Maphonga


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