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6 Dangerous Prayer No Enemy Can Withstand In Your Life

So, curse me if you like, but you will bless me! Psalm 109: 28-29: They will be ashamed when they attack me! But I am happy for your servant now! Let my accusers be kept in dishonor, May their humiliation be like a garment.

 Psalm 59: 12 - They shall speak of wickedness: their wickedness shall be upon their lips, and their pride, and their shame, and their lies.

 Read this psalm three times and take the following prayers

 1. Devil, in the name of Jesus, you have no power over me and my family, leave me and be.

 2. Follow the Spirit everywhere, use my shadow to follow me, now paralyzed in Jesus' name.

 3. Every covenant dreams of destruction in the name of Jesus.

 4. An ancient veil of evil that covers my destiny, covers my life, lifts fire, and burns ashes in the name of Jesus.

 5. Every scorpion spirit walks slowly and consumes fire, in Jesus' Name. Now, in the name of Jesus, I have twice as fast.

 6. In the name of Jesus, rise from the throne of mercy, repairing all the damage done to the enemy in my life and body.

 In Jesus' name, all the bad things that happen to me will end.

 If you can say Amen and type, I think Jesus, from now on, we will reciprocate the hurt.


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