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PRAYER: Oh Lord, help me not to be careless about how others perceive me

"Put on the new man, who was created in the image of God... " (NET) Ephesians 4:24

Image, or more accurately, personal image, can be perceived from a variety of perspectives. For our purposes, it should be seen as a person's or a group's overall qualities in terms of lifestyle, dress, or how a person is perceived by others or himself. Christ summoned his followers early in His earthly mission to inquire about His image as a minister among His people. One's image has a lot to do with one's success or failure when walking/working among people; consequently, one's image is highly essential in the margins of one's destiny.

Our Master, Jesus Christ, wanted His followers to understand the significance of image in service. He inquired about their opinions of Him. What about you and me, if Jesus worried about how people saw Him? Always be aware of the image you project wherever you go. Emulate the positive attributes of good Christians; yet, when people criticize Christians, examine yourself to see whether you have the same poisonous traits, and seek the Holy Spirit to assist you. The righteous' expectation will be fulfilled.

Always see yourself in a good light. A negative self-image is as damaging to one's health as cancer is to one's body. Let no one place a higher value on himself than he deserves. Our image has the power to either attract or repel people. It has the ability to attract both good and negative business. After we are born again, we no longer live like unbelievers, both in deed and in thought, according to our text. We are now displaying the divine image that was modeled after Christ's image. Consider this: what are others saying about you?

CONTROLLING THOUGHT: Your personal image has an impact on your day-to-day lives as well as your future.

PRAYER: Oh Lord, help me not to be careless about how others perceive me and to always do the right thing. Amen.

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