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Trusted Prophet Shares Claims Illegal Foreigners Are Planning Something But Their Plans Will Fail

We were promised that when Jesus resurrected from the grave, the Holy Spirit would accompany him and help us in our daily lives, as well as warn us about things we can't see with our eyes. The term "Holy Spirit who will lead us" is sometimes misunderstood to refer to the Bible, prophets, pastors, or anybody with supernatural skills to see into the future and sense things that ordinary people cannot.

Despite the fact that everyone of us has our own set of features and abilities, some of us are chosen and given the ability to see things that others cannot. They are referred regarded as prophets.

The label "prophet" can be a contentious matter in today's culture. Many Christians who follow Pentecostal or charismatic beliefs believe that the gift of prophecy and their prophetic role will continue, as stated in Ephesians 4. Prophecies can include a wide variety of subjects. Prophecies are often cited as God's messages. They could be scriptural quotations, observations about the past or present, or forecasts about the future.

They could be scriptural quotations, observations about the past or present, or predictions for the future. Prophecies can also'make manifest the secrets' of others' hearts by exposing details about their lives. Occasionally, multiple members of a congregation will hear the same prophesy message, with one of them delivering it first.

The celestial prophet known as RA on Twitter shares some of his forecasts and counsel with people on social media on a regular basis, and his messages always pique people's curiosity.

The prophet stated something else, which went something like this:

"Illegal foreigners are planning planning and planning. Their plans will fail and they will be exposed.

Let us keep on manifesting the positive things for our country, all your effort is working. Remember when we are connected through our minds in meditation we beat enemies"

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