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How Can The Bible Benefit People To Become Rich? See Its Tips To Succeed

One of the verses in the book of proverbs 23:21 says: “A drunkard and a glutton will come to poverty, and drowsiness will clothe one with rags.”​ indeed if you spend your money on alcohol without taking care of your family, they will have nothing to wear or to eat.

Therefore the advices the Bible gives are very important in managing our finances. It gives us wiseness on how to save money. The Bible advices people to work hard, protect their source of income by being industrious and dependable at their jobs. From ancient days until our modern times employers have been appreciating diligence and hard work.

Again honesty in your work if you are hired is what dertermines your will to succeed financially. As a wise employee do not steal from your employer. Dishonesty could destroy your reputation and make it difficult for you to find employment later on.

Again try by all means to avoid greedy as an unbalanced approach to money can eventually damage your health and your relationships with others. Remember, there is more to life than money. Loving money too much can put you in debts and unnecessary stress. Run away from pyramid schemes as your savings can all disappear.

If you drink and smoke too much avoid that as that will drain your finances. Instead practice the habit of not drinking and smoking too much. By doing this you shall save your money. The Bible also advices us to stop borrowing money unnecessarily as that will causes us problems and enmity. It's always not easy to return what you borrowed. As a result you end having enemies.

Also be some one who avoids to be jealous as that causes people to be greedy. Once you are greedy you shall become poor this verse on proverbs 28:22 says:“An envious man is eager for wealth, not knowing that poverty will overtake him.”​—PROVERBS 28:22.

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