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Beware Of Wickedness Because The Wicked Will Never Be Able To Rest In Peace

This section of Isaiah's prophecy appears to be about how profoundly iniquity had infiltrated Isaiah's own time (Isaiah 57:1-21). For example, when a virtuous guy who is rightly perceived to be walking straight stumbles, and even when he dies prematurely, no one seems to notice. The righteous were severely tortured and humiliated by Judah's harsh and corrupt rulers.

Regrettably, the people of Judah, who were considered God's chosen, were leaving the Lord and preferring to worship pagan gods instead. It's no surprise they were described as the sons of a soothsayer, as well as the children of an adulterer and a prostitute.

But the Most High God, also known as the Lofty One, who dwelled forever in His holy sanctuary, was willing to chastise the wicked who had purposefully broken His bond of trust.

As a sign of His merit, He promised to dwell among the brokenhearted, not because of the oppression and pain they were going through. He primarily seeks to react to the righteous' cries in order to resurrect them with the brightness and life of His presence.

You are shielded from all evil and damage as a child of God; He wants you to know that your safety and security are in the hands of Christ Jesus, not in the hands of any man.

No matter who chooses to plot against you, walk through life with confidence and never be frightened to fear. According to the Bible, your strength comes from the joy of the Lord in your heart, and nothing should be able to take that joy away from you. That delight does not come from any man, but rather from the resurrected human soul.

Be joyful despite extreme challenges or persecutions, no matter what circumstance you are in right now. God will soon make it impossible for the wicked to disturb the serenity of the virtuous. It will only be a matter of time before the wicked one vanishes.

And the meek will have possession of the world, and they will experience delicious delight in the richness of peace. May everyone of you who strive to live a good life be resolute to never lose God's serenity.

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