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Spiritual people they normalize cleansing ceremony as their journey

according to my knowledge and spiritual wisdom you cleanse yourself when :-

1. You had intercourse with someone, sex blocks our energy and creates soul ties .this you do when that person is not your married partner.

when you are a healer who had sexual intercourse.when you are a called person (spiritual person.

2. You cleanse yourself when you have had an abortion,miscarriage and still born.

3.You cleanse yourself when your wife / husband passes away .

4.You cleanse yourself when spiiritual and ancestors energy and chakra blockage.

5.You cleanse yourself when you feel stuck izinto azikhanyi and abadala no longer protect nor communicate with you. 

6. You cleanse yourself for general spiritual wellbeing ie. no longer dreaming .

7. Cleansing for Impundulu,Izilwane nezichitho 

8.Cleansing for jobs and business

9.Cleansing against Generational curses. 

10. Cleansing to intercede on deaths ( multiple deaths following the family in a short space of time. ) 

11.You cleanse yourself as a Healer after consulting with people who came for readings , you cleanse your space and self afterwards .This is important because you do not want their things to remain with you after you have helped them .

Cleansing is not by river only it is by 

1.Cleansing of the mind,soul and body ( what you eat as well as your thoughts affects your energy and spirituality) .

2.Cleansing through water as a base of healing. 

This is how I cleanse my patients depending on the spiritual problem :-

1.cleansing with herbs in a bathtub.

2.Cleansing rituals at the river / sea.

3.Mind Cleansing through prayers and meditation. 

Philani Zindlondlo - Gogo Langa

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Impundulu Izilwane


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