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Famous prophet warns people about the curse(danger) of using English. More details inside

South African young prophet warns people about the danger of using the English language when praying.


Prophet Rhadebelihle emphasized his words when warning the whole country about the danger of using the English language when praying. Most of the people have been delighted and they gave more thanks to him.

Almost everyone was using the English language when praying, even though you use your home language but sometimes you will mistakenly mix your prayer with English, which is wrong. Sometimes the season why we think God doesn't answer our prayers is because of the way we are calling him. Sometimes we fail to understand the proper way to pray to God and we end up complaining to God for taking time to respond to our prayers.

Read prophet Rhadebelihle's message:

English is cursed magical words. It's called the Tricknology evil book to control people. Pray with your language and stop coursing yourself. You connect deeper when you pray with your language because of the high peach vibration. English lowers your vibration in prayer.

Be warned and stop using English when you pray. Only if you believe in your language that it can connect you deeper in prayer than English.

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