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Disloyalty Has Consequences; Know More About It

Read: Ezekiel 17:1-24

God sees the end from the beginning, therefore do what He asks of you whether or not you understand why.

He is Omniscience, and everything he does begins with praises and concludes with accolades.

He despises people who defy His authority by disobeying His commands and orders.

When He punishes His children for disobedience, He chooses a location for them to go that will work out His justice in discipline, but if you choose your own destination and run into a brick wall, you're on your own.

When He calls you to ministry, He may decide to send you to a wilderness or a dry spot to learn the trade, and then raise you to greater heights and greener areas after a while.

He was the one who picked Babylon over Egypt, which had a larger army of idol worshipers, to exile Israel, and Babylon took one of Israel's royal offspring and made him a king, with whom he established a covenant.

He, on the other hand, acted like most Africans, who are never content with where they are and are drawn to where they are not.

The king broke the deal with Babylon, just as some of us have broken our covenants with God and united with satan (Egypt), who has a vast army (the world with more riches), believing that here is where help will come to him.

Even though Egypt had a strong army (and the world has many resources), God assured Israel that they would be conquered by Babylon and brought back to Babylon to perish.

Is it shocking to you that many people who abandoned their religion due to worldly concerns die in the world, deprived of the benefits of the new covenant with Satan and the world?

The word of God is still true today; no matter what the world has to offer to entice you to it, there is no enduring benefit.

Our sufficiency is in the Lord; therefore, do not abandon God, your covenant keeper, in your pursuit of a husband and wife at all costs, a business and wealth at all costs, a job and money at all costs, admission and knowledge at all costs, and migrating overseas for greener pastures at all costs.

Those who remain in Babylon (christianity) have reason to hope since our Lord Jesus Christ's long-lasting righteous rule is on the way, and all that we have lost in this world will be restored. At the top of the mountain, God will establish His own cedar tree (Christ kingdom), which will spread its branches and boughs to accommodate and shield every living bird (christians).

He is the One who causes the tree to grow big and prosper, as well as the dry and withered green one.

Do you have what it takes to defeat God?

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Ezekiel Omniscience


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