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OPINION|| Africans Should Realize They're The Captains Of Their Own Destiny

The end of our wisdom as Africans began the day we started to Godify everything and anything. God has reduced think tankers to mere worshippers and tongue speakers.

These are men and women whom today cannot think independently and freely. To these people every time they think and speak, they always believe that someone (above) is watching and listening. 

Africa is suffocating, while these people all they do (instead of thinking and taking decisive actions) is to kneel down and start talking to themselves with fantasies that someone is listening. Thinking and reasoning has been substituted to talking to oneself (praying). 

Indeed, the death of Africa begin the day we accepted the bibled God as our savior. The question is, saving from what? From who?. Africans must start questioning the epistemological origin of the own existence. Africans must start thinking, Africans must start discovering (as we have always done since the beginning of time).

Africans must stop talking to themselves(praying) and start seeking solutions to their own quagmires. After all, God is not in any mood to come down and solve our problems. Africans must start to realise that they are the captains of their own fate and destiny. 

Above all, Africans must learn to be knowledge workers, this will help them locate their geography of reasoning. This will help them to question everything that co-exists within them. This will teach them to comprehend that anything and everything that cannot prove it's existence through judgement of reasoning must give up existence. 

Giving up the existence of the biblical jesused God will take Africans back to the days were we were inventors, creators and discoverers.


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