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People ask, is prophet Ian Ndlovu the spiritual son of Uebert Angel because of this? Opinion

People were asking this question because they want to know. As you know these days the issue of spiritual fathers and mentors is a very popular one, is very famous.

It is something that is required especially on prophets, everyone who is prophet is mentored somewhere, with the person that he or she refers to as a spiritual father.

This question is quite confusing because looking at the type of prophecies that are given by Dr Iann Ndlovu, it can be debated because, Dr Ian Ndlovu normally prophesy about Nations. His way of prophesying is just a very unique style. In most of the times he is sharing visions, the things that the Lord has shown him, even in dreams, and his dreams do come to pass. It is how God has gifted him, he is really one in a million. He is a set apart to speak to the destiny of Nations and presidents, things that pertain to countries not individuals.

On the other hand, looking at prophet Uebert Angel's style of prophesying, it is way different from the way Dr Ian Ndlovu prophesies, because you Uebert Angel speaks to people one-on-one, and in his prophecies there's also a bit of arrogance. He sometimes have no respect for people, their characters are way too different.

If you look at a Major1 and all the people that are claiming to be the sons of the Emeritus. They have a similar character, some of them you don't have to ask, who is mentoring them, you will just know. The moment you see them ministering on TV that this is who they are following. You just know the moment they start walking getting into the church. You will just know that this is the work of Uebert Angel.

They are those that are also imitating him, that are never his spiritual sons and that they are taking this imitation do the whole new level. The truth about Uebert Angel is that the man can prophesy and he has accurate prophecies. If somebody say Ubert Angel does not know how to prophesy, probably that person does not have a clue of what he or she is talking about. The man can prophesy, he is just a walking prophecies.

For that there are those that are trying to imitate him, in the end up, they are buying people or looking for information so that it may seem like they are prophesying, or they have a prophetic gift, but then with the Dr Ian Ndlovu is a different thing.

Even though they may have been seen in photos together, but I have this huge doubt that they are mentoring each other. There is no way in which this man of God is mentored by prophet Uebert Angel, I don't know what is your take this, you can just comment below, thank you.

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