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6 Signs God Is Speaking To You

It is true that God speaks to his children in a variety of ways, but sometimes they may be perplexed or unsure whether it is God who is speaking to them, and this is because they become overly busy, and their minds become preoccupied with a variety of things that demand their attention, and as a result, they do not recognize the signs that God is speaking to them, and it is for this reason that I want to share with you some signs that would help you to know if it is truly God who is

Here are six clues that God is communicating with you.

1. When a certain Bible text continues resurfacing in your consciousness. 2.

When you find that a Bible passage continues showing up in your head from time to time, it's possible that the Lord is using it to serve as a reminder or caution concerning your current circumstances. It could be one of the Bible verses you studied during your devotion or one of the ones you listened to during the sermon, and because the Holy Spirit has a mandate to remind you of the things God has told you, he may bring such verses to your attention in order to remind you of what God is saying to you at the time they occur.

You should pray and ask God to assist you in comprehending what he is trying to communicate to you. Meditating on the verse will also assist you in determining how it pertains to your current situation, and you may also seek the assistance of a spiritual leader to clarify the meaning of the passage to you.

2. When you have the impression that a lecture or a certain verse is designed specifically for you.

When you have the impression that a sermon spoken by a man of God at church is specifically directed at you and addresses your current circumstances, it is truly God speaking through that person. You will know that the Holy Spirit is working in you if the sermon or a highlighted verse makes you feel terrible about your wrongdoing and gives you the desire to repent after hearing it.

3. When you are concerned about anything, it is natural to turn to God in prayer.

When you suddenly begin to feel uneasy about something, and that issue prompts you to pray, it is an indication that God is communicating to you via that situation. You should seek the Lord's guidance in passionate prayer, and you should ask him to reveal his will regarding that matter in that scenario.

4. Having an unexplained sense of conviction regarding anything.

It happens from time to time that whatever you do causes you to feel or have an unexplained conviction about it right away. It's an indication that God is speaking to you about what you've done in that particular situation. He may wish to inform you that you have done something wrong, or he may like to reassure you that you have done the correct thing. It's critical to pray to the Lord for clarity in your conviction and to surrender when God has brought you to comprehend his will on the matter in question.

5. Having the same dream or vision more than once .

God communicates with man via dreams or visions just once or twice, and when you dream about the same subject twice, it is an indication that God is communicating with you through that dream or vision. If the message is unclear to you or you are unable to comprehend it, you should either pray to God about it or consult with your pastor for assistance in interpreting the dream.

6. When you receive confirmation of anything you believe God is communicating to you through another individual.

Because a subject is established by the testimony of two or three witnesses (2Corinthians 13:1), God may direct some spirit-filled Christians to you in order for them to speak to you on the topic that God has previously communicated to you about. Its purpose is to provide you with confirmation so that you may be certain that it is God who is communicating to you directly.

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