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Divorce Affair

Pastor Was Caught Having An Affair With a Married Woman Because Of What She Needs From Him (Photos)

Serving God is a mental workout that needs a high level of commitment and determination. Being a man of God comes with a host of challenges. Some of these challenges are devilishly inspired, and he enlists the support of women to carry out his mission among the faithful. Some pastors have turned religion into a lucrative business by attracting huge numbers of women to their congregation in order to get guys to become members. They use these ladies to perform miracles, anointings, and all kinds of lies while making it appear to other members as if it were a true miracle.

Original and true men of God exist on this globe without a doubt, but they are few and far between these days. Recently, the frequency with which married women are used in church under the pretence of being loyal to their pastors has grown unsettling. As a result of their husbands' irresponsibility, married ladies have begun engaged in indecent behavior in recent years.

On their matrimonial bed, a group of police officers caught a Kenyan pastor, pastor John Simon, the founder of Maxim Deliverance Church, having an affair with a member's wife and her housemaid. The woman is the wife of a high-ranking police officer in the community, according to sources.

Because the woman had been unable to conceive, the pastor went to her home to pray for her.

She invited the pastor to come to the house and pray for her while her husband was at work. According to the pastor, the woman persuaded him into doing the crime. He stated he tried to refuse her several times, but it was she who persuaded him to commit adultery with her. He described how the woman began constantly stroking him, how she seemed to love it, and how she soon removed her clothing. When the pastor's neighbors heard about the bizarre incident, they were taken aback because he is a well-known pastor who has been doing good in the community.

The church members who learned of the shocking incident are similarly shocked by the pastor's immoral behavior, saying that praying for a woman in her bedroom is risky because anything could happen. By indulging in improper practices with married women in particular, our pastors are ruining Christianity's name.

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