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Moses In Conversation With The Israelites In Egypt Reporting To Them What God Instructed Him To Do

And the Lord God spoke to Aaron to go the wilderness to meet Moses on the way, and Aaron did exactly as God commanded, and indeed he met Moses with his wife, and both were happy to meet with each other.

Moses told Aaron how the Lord God Almighty spoken to him in relation to the afflictions the Israelites were going through in Egypt, and Aaron also informed him how God told him, that he should meet Moses on the way coming to Egypt, and they all went into Egypt and called all elders of the Israelites to inform them what God has instructed Moses to come and do for them.

Moses spoke all the words God instructed him to say, and the Israelites were very happy, that God have heard their prayers, and he has sent someone to come and set them free from the small hand of Pharaoh. Moses he also did signs which God shown him to do in front of all the Israelites. He threw the rod on the ground and it turned into a serpent, and people were afraid and also amazed with all they were witnessing.

Moses also took his hand and put into his bosom, and when he took it out, behold his hand was leprous as snow, and the people were so shocked with what Moses was able to do in front of them. Moses then put it back into his bosom and it turned again as his other flesh, and the people believed, that indeed Moses was sent by God to save and free them from king Pharaoh.

Moses did the last miracle by taking the water of the river, and pour it upon the ground and the water became blood upon the dry land, and sealed the belief that indeed he was God sent, and no one was in doubt but all were happy. The people were so happy, but the problem was how is going to face king Pharaoh because all believed and were sure he will not set them free without the strong hand of the Lord.

And all including the elders of Israelites agreed that it was only proper if Moses and Aaron will both go and meet king Pharaoh as God instructed. The people made a feast for Moses and he did eat and drink that night, and went to sleep with a joyful heart knowing he has worn the hearts and support of the Israelites.

Will king Pharaoh set God’s people free from his cruel hand?

Look out for the confrontation between Moses and Aaron with king Pharaoh, and believe in the Bible it is the only book which gives us hope.

(Picture images attached are for illustration purposes and I downloaded them from Google)

Lord Jesus Christ is God


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