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"If God gave the Israelites CANAAN as their PROMISED LAND what has the same God given to the African?

Joshua Maponga is not on the path to destroy Christianity, but he is on a path to destroy himself. You know how canning the devil is, i remember this man started by believing in African roots where, he could be seen wearing African attires and sometimes bathing with strange water saying, he is just acknowledging his ancestors, but then he did not have a problem with God. He only had the problem with Christians that fight their African origin, or that denounce their African cultures.

A lot of people supported him when he was saying this, but as time goes on, it went deeper the devil started misleading him step by step. He started questioning the the existence of the person of Jesus, he started saying he is a promoting African spirituality.

Before we knew it, in that African spirituality he began to call the same Jesus that he was a preaching in "a white boy".

Sometime we hear him now fighting against the scriptures that the Bible is a lying book. He kept doing research on how Christians were brainwashed by those that took land away from them. When he was saying all these things, he was always believing the existence of God, but denying the way that Christians are using to approach Him. Because he said Jesus was fake, and the Bible is also fake. Little did he know that, he will go deeper, getting lost even more and more, to a point questioning the existence of God himself. By the way that I see on what he is saying here, already there is that research that he may have done, and is now bringing those crazy thoughts to the public to question the existence of God.

Obvious this is what he's trying to say, "there is no used to worship God because he did not do anything for Africans! It is as good as questioning His existence. So Africans should not worship him because He did nothing for them, when he gave the land of Canaan to the Israelites, but he did not give anything to Africans. This man is becoming more dumb than anyone can ever imagine.

"If God gave the Israelites CANAAN as their PROMISED LAND what has the same God given to the Afrikans?"

~Maponga Joshua III

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