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Do the following if you can't remember your dreams

Almost everyone will tell you that at some point in their lives they couldn't remember their dreams. They knew they were dreaming but could never remember what they dreamt about. If you have been struggling remembering your dreams lately then the below tips are for you.

Holy ash

Buy holy ash from any phamarcy near you. Holy ash is also known for aiding better sleep and clearer dreams when taken before bedtime, by just putting 1 tablespoon of Holy Ash in warm milk.


Get milk from any shop close to you .

Coarse salt

Get coarse/rough salt from your nearest shop, you will need a pinch of salt for each mixer.

Warm a quarter of milk, and then add a tea spoon of holy ash and a pinch of salt. Pray for the cup and ask for clear dreams and ask God to help you remember your dreams. Drink it and go to bed.

Write down your dreams even if you remember only parts of them and not the complete thing. Give yourself time if it doesn't work the first night because it might mean your dreams are blocked, drink the remedy until your dreams patterns goes back to normal and you can see all your dreams again.

Sending you Love and Light

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Holy Ash


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