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I Am 32-year-old woman I have been sleeping with Tikoloshi since 2005 Lady - cries

Recently, a woman posted about the difficulty she was having with Tikoloshi on one of the social networking platforms. The woman shared her experience on a Facebook community known as Redlips, which serves as a resource for those who are struggling with issues that are related to the supernatural. 

According to the woman, all of her problems began in 2005 when she experienced her very first instance of sleep paralysis. Her expectation was that it would be the first and the last time. However, she was wrong because the practice persists even to this day. Over the course of many years, has traveled far and wide in search of assistance from a variety of Sangomas and prophets. 

Every time she goes to sleep, she has the sensation that someone is touching her, and she doesn't even know if it's a man or Tikoloshi. Even though I don't have much faith in the paranormal, I feel like I've heard stories like hers before because where I live, there have been a lot of incidents like this. 

Full story (excuse the spelling errors in the post I found it like this) 


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