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VIDEO: ''T. B Joshua You're Dead And You Will Suffer Wherever You Are ''~ Man Rain Curses.

Anonymous person who has displayed his face in public has cursed T. B. Joshua, the late man of God. When he was alive, T. B Joshua, according to the man, charged a premium for cooking oil and municipal water that he sold to the general public. He asserts that he is a living witness to the deceptions perpetrated by the late prophet.

"T. B Joshua, you're dead," he said as he began his tale. After killing our people, killing thousands of sick young people with "healing oil" and killing them, you sold them to our ailing people,

When the Pope, who has more than 500 million followers for a day, has never prophesied to anyone, nor has he ever sold any water or oil to a sick person, why are the same people who introduced Christianity to the world, and who you represented in Nigeria, busily constructing hospitals even for their animals?" T. B. Joshua, no matter where you are right now, you are going to suffer." He went on to add that the man of God was responsible for the ruination of many souls, something he experienced firsthand.

"I know people who have come and sold them water, who have come to you with liver cancer and kidney failure." You sit out in your hotel to scam our people."

The young man asked Africans to wake awake so the so-called 'men of God' could not kill them.

People in their community should offer those who are paralyzed, whom T. B Joshua prayed for and could walk once again, he challenged. He continued by saying that everybody who succeeds will be awarded with a million Naira and land.

Many popular men of God have decided, and many people should be cautious, not honestly laboring for God, but for themselves.

Watch video here

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