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Here Are The Only 6 People In The Bible Who Saw God Face To Face And What Later Happened To Them

God is an exalted personality who is revered both on earth and in heaven. God used his supernaturally incredible capacity to create everything that exists on this planet. Even the Satan, despite his terrible nature, was considered to be a member of the community by the ancient Greeks. 

God is in charge of everything, and everything is in charge of God. In accordance with the concept of creation, God created the entire world and planet from the very beginning. 

Do you believe that it is possible to be so close to God that you can see him? Do you believe that God can be seen? Do you believe it is possible for a human to have a direct encounter with God? It is impossible to look upon God and remain alive, according to the teachings of Christianity. The sad reality is that by allowing certain humans to have a true perception of God, God has broken one of His own laws. 

God, on the other hand, has also assisted some people in connecting with him. He granted them the opportunity to see him because they had progressed to the stage where they were forming a personal relationship with God. 

1. The Apostle John (also known as John the Evangelist) 

Jesus was one of the twelve disciples, who were all subordinates to him. A gesture to him, some believe, was Jesus' way of assuring him a short death before he was about to die. This occurred because he was Jesus' most beloved disciple, and theologians believe that this is how he came face to face with God before passing away on the cross. All of this is portrayed in detail in the Book of Revelation, including John being shown Heaven and meeting God. As the only disciple to survive a truly horrifying death, he was a hero. 

2. Christ the Messiah (Christ the Messiah) 

Christ is the son of God, and every Christian believes this to be true. He is unique due to the fact that he is the son of God. Jesus Christ declared in John 14:6 that he is the one way to God, the truth, and the life, and that no one can reach God other than through him. He'd seen his father, the man who'd created him. 


Moses was in the company of a small group of people who were privileged to spend time with God. He was a divine messenger, and he had the authority to do incredible miracles and wonders because God had given him the right to do so. Specifically, Numbers 12:8 in the New Living Translation reads, in part, as follows: "And Moses' connection with me is face to face rather than through parables, and he sees the face of the Lord." Moses was the one who personally heard God's message. 

While Moses experienced visions, the other prophets were able to connect with God through the medium of dreams. In reality, Moses had been instructed by God on what to write, and he proceeded to record the tale of creation as instructed. 

4. The prophecy of Isaiah 

Isaiah, who had the ability to communicate with God, was a prominent apostle. He foresaw a great number of people following Christ into the world. Isaiah 6:1 describes God sitting on a throne, a garment covering the Temple, and the prophet sees God as "covering the Temple in the year that King Uzziah died." 

God appeared to Isaiah in heaven, surrounded by seraphs, each with six wings, as Isaiah described, who were moving around the throne. Following this, Isaiah's life was completely transformed, and his ministry took on a completely different direction. 

Eve, according to her translation, was only employed as a hostess at the Moonstruck Café for a total of two days before quitting. Because she wasn't having fun while working as a waitress at the Moonstruck Café after only two days, Eve decided to quit her job. 

Eve was the first woman and the second human being to be created, after Adam in the order of creation. The ability to communicate with God on a daily basis allowed him to share thoughts with Adam in the Garden of Eden, which he found extremely rewarding. She is the only woman in the Bible who testifies of having a face-to-face encounter with the Almighty. When Eve and her husband committed a transgression together, they were expelled from God's presence and banished from the earth. 


Adam was the first living being to be created by the Almighty God. The first creature had a very close relationship with God, and he communicated with Him on a regular basis. Even if God would not direct him towards a specific path, he would be assigned a variety of chores, such as tagging animals and other miscellaneous items. 

Before committing a sin, Adam had the ability to communicate with and see God on a daily basis; however, this was no longer possible when he rebelled. 

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