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God Is Great, See Photos Of Before & After Surgery of Indian Boy Who Was Born With A Hanging Head

What an amazing God we serve! Photographs of an Indian boy who was born with a hanging head, before and after his surgery are shown.

God is love, and He cares for each and every one of us, regardless of our physical condition or lack thereof. Instead, it is suspended at a 180-degree angle from the ceiling.

His parents have spent a large amount of money driving their children from one doctor to another, as well as carrying a portion of that money, but they have received no direction on how to effectively manage the boy's health over the previous few years.

According to the physicians that identified Mahendra's condition, congenital myopathy is one of the most dangerous disorders that can damage the neck and spinal cord.

A life-changing procedure was carried out on the teenagers by a former NHS surgeon after a crowdfunding effort by two mums in Liverpool gathered cash to care for Mahendra and his family members. The adolescents were treated at Apollo Hospital in Delhi following the procedure, which was carried out by her mother, Julie Jones, who is a spinal surgeon. Julie Jones is the mother of the teens. Dr. Krishnan, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me.

After reading Mahendra's story, Jones was moved by the compassion he felt for the character. When he returned home, he immediately set up a fundraising account, which enabled him to raise £ 12,000 in the first 28 days of account activity.

After speaking with Jones, Mahendra's mother traveled to Delhi to see Mahendra and his parents for the first time when they were in the hospital, according to Jones. The man was taken to the hospital before being sent back to his hometown, where he was embraced by the people there. The icon above can be used to sign up for email notifications of important updates. Alternatively, you may express your thoughts in the comments section below, and remember to click on the follow button if you would want to get more content from us in the future.

Keeping up with friends and family, donning a mask, and washing your hands often with hand sanitizer may all help to guarantee that prevention is preferred to cure.

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