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Remember when Alph Lukau prayed for a dead man and he resurrect

One complaint was initiated by a funeral home in Gauteng, another by people who claimed to be concerned citizens, and a third by pastor Mboro."

"Are we taken aback by hell? It's South Africa. Even if I come and kill you, editor, I'll be gone in two weeks. Only the poor are imprisoned in our broken judicial system. You will soon learn that Bushir's charges have been dropped. With all of the video evidence, they chose to drop the charges, just like they did in Marikana. This demonstrates how ineffective our justice system is. South Africa is a country.

This preacher is a thief, and he is well aware of it. I honestly feel sorry for the congregations who fall for this daylight robbery. Nobody is defending them from these bogus churches. Our government is ineffective. How could they allow these controversal pastors to continue to function after proven their inability to run churches? Bushiri is also a hoax, and they must leave South Africa. They say we despise foreigners, but is it OK for people to travel all the way from outside South Africa to operate and conduct illicit businesses?

Is this other pastor's true name? I'm not even sure how to speak or write it. Is the pastor's name truly his true name in this story? As a result, many are saying, "Go further, pastor..." Hayi Bantu. Please pass this on."said a Facebook followers


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