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The Painful Story And Death Of An Atheist Who Wrote A Book Titled God Is Dead

An atheist is someone who believes there is no supreme deity termed God in today's terminology. Apart from those who are adamantly opposed to the existence of God, there are individuals who are unsure whether or not there is one, and are referred to as agnostics.

With all of the events that occur in our world today, such as wars, pandemics, diseases and illnesses, poverty, floods, and other natural disasters, it can be difficult for some people to believe that there is a God. These people believe that if God exists, there should be no issues, which is why so many of them doubt God's existence.

After denying the existence of God, some of them go on to explain the creation of man in other ways, refusing to accept religious perspectives on the subject. They subscribe to other scientific explanations if they are unable to come up with their own theories.

Several atheists have come and gone throughout history, and in today's post, we'll look at one specific man who chose atheism as a means of achieving fulfillment and what happened to him.

Despite having lived in the 18th century, Friedrich Nietzsche is a well-known German atheist and philosopher who is well-known throughout the world.

He was able to persuade a large number of people to believe in him because he was charming. He was able to inspire some of the biggest revolutionaries of the time, including Adolf Hitler, who is said to have benefited from his works.

Apart from being compelling in his delivery of his ideas, he was also able to influence a large number of people through his writings, one of which is titled 'God is Dead.'

In the book, he takes a firm stand against Christianity, denying that there is any such thing as God. He goes on to say that we, as humans, have slain God and that he is nowhere to be seen. Anyone who reads the book and does not have a strong faith in God may be persuaded to believe whatever he says since he was highly intelligent.

He also claims in the book that anyone who believes in God is insane in some aspects. Friedrich Nietzsche was so astute that he would write poetry specifically to address this issue.

What happened to him, on the other hand, is even more surprising. He got insane after labeling those who believed in God as insane. Prior to his death at the age of 41. He was plagued with mental issues. It had gotten to the point where he was unable to care for himself, and his mother had to step in to help him.

A man who could compose novels and poems suddenly found himself unable to do so because his mind would not allow him to do so. He died at the age of 41 in the year 1900.

Source: Wikipedia

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