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Prayer: Heavenly Father, Give Me The Courage Not To Participate In The Sin Of Others

We'll be thinking about one area of compromise in the Body of Christ that the Lord wants us to repent of today. This has to do with participating in the sins of other men, whether by supporting, praising, or turning a blind eye to their wrongdoings. Romans 1:32 gives the Body of Christ a lot to think about. It teaches us that God's vengeance is revealed from heaven not only to those who perform deeds that He despises, but also to those who take delight in those who do them.

“What is my business if a man divorces his wife and marries another woman?” some pastors might argue. It's not my problem; it's theirs.” However, such pastors are not only witnesses but also collaborators in the marriage of two spiritually mismatched partners, so approving individuals who have disobeyed the Lord's command in 1 Corinthians 7:10-11. May you not be a party to sins that you did not commit in Jesus' name.

We were taught in the past that abstaining from alcohol was not enough; we were also obliged not to serve it to others to drink. “Woe to him who gives his neighbor drink, that puts thy bottle to him, and makes him drunken also, that thou mayest look on their nakedness!” says Habakkuk 2:15.

This was how my old acquaintance recognized a change in me after I surrendered my life to Christ. They thought I'd gone insane when I started offering them soft drinks instead of scotch and champagne. Another area of compromise in which believers become accomplices to sin is when they allow fraud to be done right in front of their eyes and do nothing about it.

“The one who collects the stolen cruse of oil is as culpable as the one who actually stole it from the kitchen rack,” says an adage. The same logic applies to individuals who enable immoral behaviors to take place in their houses. Although some young Christians do not engage in fornication, they let their unbelieving acquaintances to bring their girls into their homes to engage in sexual immorality.

They are just as culpable as the perpetrators in God's eyes. The bribe donor is just as guilty as the bribe taker. Don't take part in unethical behavior. The Lord is keeping an eye on you, and He will return soon.

Pray these Prayers: Father, please give me the courage to stand up to evildoers, in Jesus' name.

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