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13 Important Prayer Points You Should Pray For Our Leaders Today

Our political leaders are in desperate need of divine intervention. All of them are present. Keep in mind that God isn't surprised by those in positions of authority who aren't perfect. This has been the case ever since Adam and Eve chose their own way in the garden. To him, our presidents, emperor and queen are all flawed individuals. For the sake of our eternal salvation, He sent His son to bring us redemption and hope. For now, he asks that we pray for our leaders, loved ones, neighbors, and for our own spiritual well-being as well. Because even if our flaws are hidden from public view, they are still there. Because of this, we ask God to show us where we have neglected to offer His love to individuals in our immediate vicinity. The world is begging for His forgiveness. When we acknowledge our own shortcomings, we are more willing to offer up more sincere prayers for those who hold positions of authority over us.

1. Give thanks to God for each and every one of your leaders.

2. Father, help us to live in peace and harmony with God by upholding our leaders and providing them with assistance.

3.Give us righteous leaders at all levels in the powerful name of Jesus.

4.Father, please keep our leaders safe from all harm.

5.We ask that you, God, help our leaders to have the wisdom to guide us in the correct course, constantly.

6. Father, help our leaders by providing them with wise advisors and removing all the bad ones.

7.Don't let our leaders lead us astray, Father. The curse will fall on us if they commit a mistake that brings it upon themselves.

8.Let all wicked leaders who refuse to change their ways be ousted in Jesus' great name.

9.In the name of Jesus, I beg you to change the hearts of our leaders and make them more sympathetic.

10.Father, please transform the hearts of our leaders to follow You and make them good examples for the rest of us.

11.In Your name, Father, we entrust our leaders to You; we pray that they will do Your will and fear You at all times.

12. Father, we ask for your abundant blessings on our leaders as they faithfully serve in the name of Jesus.

If you have additional prayer requests, please include them here.

Thank you for all of your prayers for our elected officials, and I pray that God will answer them all in Jesus' name.

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