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Video: Two Pastors Fight During Church Service, Check Out What The Members Did

Would you ever think that a day will come when two pastors will fight on the puppet in front of the church members? What could have caused the fight? These are the questions we should ask our self, nowadays, some things that shouldn't be happening in the world keep going on and nothing we can do about it.

Video of two pastors fighting in front of church surfaces online, reading from what happened in the video, you can see when two pastors were involved in a heavy argument which resulted to a physical exchange of blows. Although the reason behind this abnormal behavior wasn't made public but you can see the church members brought out their phone to record this horrible scene.

This video have been trending on all social media platforms and some people have shared their thoughts on the issue. Some said the two pastors should be sacked immediately while other said that the video might be a prank, they believe that the pastors can do such Shameful act publicly.

For me, the video wasn't a prank or anything that would get people's attention, the two pastors involved should apologise publicly to all their members and the world for the shame they have brought upon their followers.

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