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When You Don't Understand or don't have the Answer; Do This

When You Don't Understand or have the Answer; Do This

There are moments in our lives, when we are confused because what we are going through. We don't know understand what is going on and how to respond or deal with it.

This is where and when faith is required. As the popular American televangelist, PastorvJoel Osteen advises, the key to faith is trusting when you don’t understand, trusting when you don’t have the answers, trusting when it seems like it’s just the opposite of what you were hoping for. 

Most often, we like to be in control of everything but faith doesn't work like that. There are times in our lives that all we have left is to just trust God even blindly. It is like we are in the dark and don't know what will come next.

In such times, Pastor Osteen advises that you don’t have to know how, as long as you know Who. The Creator of the Universe will break chains that have held you back, bring dreams to pass that seemed impossible

The reason why you aren’t going to understand or figure it out is because God operates differently than you do. God tells us this in Isaiah 55 verse 8;

“For my thoughts are NOT your thoughts, NEITHER are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.”

So, all we can do in dark moments is just to trust Him because He’s already figured it out what we are still trying to figure out.

Indeed, faith is everything when walking with and truly seeking the Lord. It's surrendering control and leaving in His mighty hands. This is better and surer than leaning on our own, limited, sinful understanding of this confused world. 

The truth is that when you're really believing, when you're in peace, you're showing God by your actions that you trust Him." Therefore, we must always see ourselves as a kid that only the father knows what is right for us  

His ways are different from our ways and it's always the best for us.

In addition, we need to know God's voice too. If you don't study His Word. How can you say: It is written?What will the Holy Spirit have to bring back to your remembrance?

Remember: Bible tells us not to worry about anything "instead" to pray about everything. If God gave you all the answers,then there would be no room for faith



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