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These Are Keys That Will Allow You Enter God's Favor Without Labour

"The generous mind shall be fattened, and he who waters shall be watered himself." Proverbs 11:25

The design of God for all those who have received the gift of righteousness through the accomplished work of Calvary is that we live in His favor. "For thou, LORD, wilt bless the righteous; with favor wilt thou compass him as with a shield," the psalmist prophesied in Psalm 5:12.

This was demonstrated in the life of our Lord Jesus Christ (Luke 2: 52), and the early church had similar experiences ( Acts 2 : 47 ).

However, there are a few keys that will allow you to enter God's favor. One of these keys can be found in today's Bible reading: "The liberal mind shall be made fat: and he who waters shall be watered likewise himself" (Proverbs 11: 25). You must first learn to give to the Lord everything you treasure: your best and your all, before you can access the fatness and fullness you crave from heaven.

This is what causes the difference in outcomes between a person who lives by God's grace and a person who lives by labor; one is unquestionably easier to achieve than the other. One of my sons preached on the difference between labor and favor near the end of a specific year. Jacob and Isaac were two examples he gave. He claims that when Jacob desired a bride, he worked for 14 years to find her, but when Isaac wanted to marry, he just went for a stroll.

One struggled, while the other was favored. I've resolved to take advantage of divine favor. I'm fed up with toiling. I want to live in the domain of divine favor all of the time, and in order to do so, I'm going to sow as I've never sown before, since favor responds to the law of harvest.

Aren't you sick of increases based on labor? Why spend years putting everything you have into obtaining a specific blessing when you may pay a small price through sowing and get amazing benefits in a shorter period of time with less stress? As Ephesians 5:16 advises, one efficient means of redeeming time is to abandon less successful approaches in favor of better, faster, and less stressful alternatives.

You are not salvaging the time when growth was based solely on labor. This means that a lot of things will have to wait until you're stronger enough to work for them. Why work when you might fly high on the wings of heavenly favor? Today is the day to choose the vehicle that will take you to your destination! The cost of taking a flight by favor, by sowing seeds, is significantly less than the cost of doing so through labor.

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