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Faith did not take serious what Jonas wants to keep him quiet in HOZ

When Jonas meet with both Isaac and Faith he said long time no seen. He remembered what they did about the disapearance of Funani's daughter. He also knew that Isaac is the one who save Zobuhle and raise her as his own. The person who was in a dark was Funani the head of the house, because even his wife was aware of what happened the day of fire. Who was died and who was saved and taken by who. Faith is always manipulative and so devious that her word will last.

Faith called Isaac to meet in a secret place to inform him that her husband is still pushing to find her daughter. When they busy talking Jonas show up. When he open his mouth he said demanded them to pay him to keep their secret.

If he tell Funani he forgot that he was the one who doctor the report, and made it authentic to Zwide family. Isaac said to Faith if she is sure of what you are implying in this matter. Faith said without any hesitation that I am definitely sure. She even highlighted that what he will do about his sick wife.

He told them that he was a meeting with Funani, now I, m having meeting with you but don't sweat I did not say anything that can implicate you two. Jonas made an ultimatum that Faith should pay him within twenty four hours then he left them.

When he went into his car he received a call not knowing that Faith was to be against his request. Faith told Jonas that there no money that you will get from me. First of all you who doctor the forensic report to be in favour you. Detective was so sure that Faith will shake and pay him the money he demanded. He forgot that Faith is the same woman who kept secrets for twenty years from her husband about the whereabout of Zobuhle.

Jonas was so disappointed to hear that he is not getting money he was waiting for. He thought that Faith won't hesitate to pay him to avoid that Funani find out but it was a vise versa.

When Isaac came home he set at the edge of their bed and thought of the circumstances. He was a change man with new ethics and morals through his wife. Also he was restless about Ona is a spanning hole between his previous life style of wrongdoings and and his new life. His wife always recommended him that he is a good man, who take care of his family. Despite his previous life she always acknowledged him. Remember Isaac was living a gangster life before he met Rea.

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