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Important Prophetic prayer for all believers to unleash your blessings

 We believe and pray. 

 God of victory, King of Glory, after a tired and even tearful week for others we come to your feet to give thanks. Financially, some try to cope with the loss of loved ones, others are overwhelmed by the fear of the morning and plunged into hopelessness. 

 All in all, we raise your priceless name, for there is no one like you on earth and in heaven. Lord, remind our students in various institutions to learn to cover them with Your Blood of Pressure, King of Kings. At the final exam, this gentleman helps remember everything his teacher thought. 


 Lord, we remember those who work in foreign countries far from their homeland, we cover them with the blood of Jesus, we ask for protection for their lives. 


 Lord we are putting our families in Your able hands, some families are struggling right now. May you, Lord, restore their hopes. Let them know that you are a true God, that you are hoping for the desperate father. 


 Lord, we give you everything, Father, because you are everything we have Lord, we pray and appreciate you in all situations, let 1. 5: 1618. Be part of our worship preparations, our prayer in the name of Jesus.


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King of Kings


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