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Look what this prophet is doing, preaching by drinking tea in the bush? Opinion

The race is not for the swift, nor the bread for the wise but time and chance happens to everyone. Stay put your time is coming.

#GuyInternational. #inTheWilderness.

This men is just dramatic, and why are these the prophets doing things like that, that are so strange. I don't understand the message behind this, can you really take your your car Load with a coffee table, and the teapot, cups and all these things 40 and a chair just to go and a chair. Sit in the jungle, take a photo of yourself and say whatever you want to say to your followers.

What is actually this? Is this some kind of a joke? wherever this is, I think we are really making funny of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The dignity that it had, it is being flushed away bit by bit, and these pastors are not helping it. They want to finish off even the little respect that is left for the gospel. I don't know what you think, just comment below but as for me this was just a necessary.

Thank you

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