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Well Known Prophet Apologizes For Offending Christians For Saying This About Jesus

We live in a world where we share different opinions and viewpoints. Everyone has a right to say whatever it is they feel like, even though some opinions might come across as offensive to other people.

It is especially hard for people in the public eye to share these opinions or their true opinions because they come with a lot of criticism from those who think differently.

A man who has proclaimed himself as a celestial prophet on Twitter has gained popularity for his spiritual tweets and for talking about being able to tap into dimensions. He also gained popularity for being able to prophecy the death of a well-known celebrity who recently died in July.


The prophet said something very controversial about Jesus. This is what he said:

"Do you want me to explain why, every time you pray with the name "JESUS," things suddenly go worse for those who have noticed and ignored it?

Those who will never know what it's like. You don't pray as fervently from your heart and sweat if you have everything. Your struggle or poverty aren't motivating you. Because the name "Jesus" has its own people, you are not spiritually related to your forebears. "

What he said here about Jesus angered a lot of Christians, and many questioned whether he was a real prophet or not. And if he is capable of not being a God-fearing person and insults Jesus, then he should keep his opinions to himself.

After getting alot of criticism for what he said, he said this:

"I want to say to all Christians. I'm very sorry if I've made you feel like I'm attacking you. I really love you and am worried about you. I don't want to lose more brothers and sisters because of religion. There's more to life in the journey of the soul's enlightenment "

Do you think the prophet is right about apologizing to Christians for his opinion? Are you not allowed to have a difference of opinion?

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