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Passion Java Said To His Followers The Same Grace That He Acquire Money With Is Coming To Them

Passion Java is on it again showing his money on social media without the fear of being judged or setting a standard as he is a man of God. 10 hours ago he posted pictures of himself in a car with a lot of usd paper notes eating strawberries. His behaviour is worse now a lot of christians cannot bare with it, they always question his authenticity as a men of God because of his doings and he doesn't care one thing about the Gaffa he doesn't mind what people say about him.

The other thing which he is ignorant in is how dangerous this posting of his is, one even said it on comments but in a different way, this is what he said " The way you like displaying money is dangerous man of God! Criminals will always think that you move with cash abd they can ambush you. "


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