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Today's Bible Verse: Isaiah 60:22- When The Time Is Right I The Lord Will Make It Happen. Read Below

The common mistake that we as people often make in life is that we like comparing our lives to that of other people. We forget that we as people are different, so is our journey. Your journey is different to that of your friends. Your journey is different to that of your siblings.

What I am trying to say is that, just because things seem to be coming together for other people it does not mean that they won't for you. This simply means that right now it is currently their time and yours has just not come yet. When the time is right, when your time has come trust that God will make it happen.

Do not do things just because you want to rush the process, this is why most people find these in trouble. It is because they want things to happen according to their own timing, forgetting the promise that God made in Isaiah 60:22. Be patient and wait for your time to come, because it will come.

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