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Why MY UNDERSTANDING ON CONSULTATIONS Is The Only Thing You Will Want To Read Now.

Royal Greetings Everyone,

This is my spiritual understanding about consultations. 

When you consult a prophet , traditional healer or anyone who is spiritually gifted or if you are getting messages coming from higher beings such as God , Angels your Ancestors directly to you. 

Here is a method to test the the authenticity of the message you are getting

Apply this simple test and you will always know, if the spiritual wisdom presented is true or false. You may also use this method as a way to protect yourself from scammers. 

To pass the test all three of these keys areas must be met: 



Any information imparted must be harmonious with knowledge you already have that you know to be true. Someone can't prophesy on you were married before when you know for fact you were never married before in the physical world. And if you're told you have a spiritual husband or wife this information must be harmonious what what is currently happening in your life physically you can't just be told you have something without some type of evidence that is harmonious to your situation. 


You must have a need to hear this spiritual information at this time. It must be useful information to assist you in the present and future. If it can't help you in the present or future it it's pointless to know that someone witchcraft you in the past and yet not have a present or future solution to remedy the past witchcraft. 

If someone keeps prophesying to you negativity without solutions to remedy the negativity then it is pointless for you to know that you have a spiritual disease.That you do not have a solution or remedies to use.

Someone can't prophesy that you must sleep with them in order to be cured how is this needful to you because this will only create shame and embarrassment for you in the present and future. 


The spiritual information presented to you must be new information, not just restating or emphasizing things you already knew. For example you can't just be told your finances are bad. You already know your finances are bad you must be told how to improve your finances and any requirements you may need to avoid such situations in the future. You can't be told to cut off a certain body part for your things to go well financial there's no progress in you losing yourself dignity.

This method is not full-proof but I would say it works most of the time if not all the time. Especially if you pay attention to what is being prophesied and what alternatives or solutions you are being given. 

Remember as much as scammers can affect you financially at least you able to recover and move on 

The most dangerous elements of consulting are the following: being peer pressured to perform rituals that involve very dark procedures that in the end instead of them becoming solutions they become your lifetime curse by extension your whole family this where generational curse come from. Do not be desperate to the point you make covenants that you will regret in the near future.

Please always remember, ancestors are not the same.



Photo Cred: Sanele Matsolo

Content created and supplied by: Misnkoana (via Opera News )


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