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Dlamini-Zuma 'not qualified' to tell people how to worship, court hears

Co-employable administration and conventional undertakings (Cogta) serve Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma's lead in forbidding religious social occasions should be unreasonable in the event that she has not given any objective justification behind the boycott. 


This is the accommodation by Freedom of Religion SA (FOR SA) in a hotly anticipated test under the watchful eye of the great court in Johannesburg on Tuesday against lockdown guidelines which forced a prohibition on such social affairs. 

Adrian Botha SC, FOR SA, said when the lockdown guidelines were presented at level 5 in March last year, there was a denial on social affairs at cafés and exercise centers, however strict get-togethers were allowed. 

"That is the priest's disastrous defect. Later she opens cafés and rec centers. Presently having done that, how might she objectively propose there is a difference in conditions without giving your lordship current realities? 

"She needs to give a sane justification for the adjustment of conditions. Missing such judicious explanation, her direct should be silly, more so when you are managing a major basic freedom to adore," Botha said. 

In response to recommendations made by judge Bashier Vally that individuals could supplicate at home and the boycott was just brief, Botha said the suggestions were aimed at how individuals love. 

Botha said that in its application, FOR SA said the unreasonableness of the guidelines was shown by the way that believers could meet at an eatery or gathering setting and direct their administration lawfully, however they couldn't do as such legitimately in the strict structure explicitly intended for that reason. 

Botha said that in her noting oath, Dlamini-Zuma denied the guidelines were nonsensical, and said the guidelines didn't meddle with strict feelings and convictions. All things being equal, they simply briefly restricted religious social occasions in an actual setting. 

She said where there were heavenly texts that told individuals to assemble, these sacred writings conceived exemptions for the standard in circumstances where it was undependable for individuals to accumulate, Botha said. 

"Our reaction is that it is essential to numerous convictions — including that of Christian, Muslim and Jewish individuals — that they should assemble genuinely. It isn't for the Cogta clergyman to propose how these sacred texts ought to be deciphered. She is neither a specialist in the field nor in any case able to do as such," Botha said. 

Botha said it was extremely risky for the clergyman to assume how individuals should lead their strict exercises. 

"She can't direct how they should communicate their confidence." 

Dlamini-Zuma 'not qualified' to tell people how to worship, court hears (

The consultation proceeds with a reaction from counsel for the priest.

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