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Opinion| look what does the bible says on Matthew 3 verse 1

This verse is talking about the importance of preaching. If you want to be a preacher it is important to start at a young age to know how too. Well to read the words of the lord to people you do not need a big building or a church. You can do it even under the tree and people will learn the load words. This verse is talking about john the Baptist who was preaching everywhere. He was even preaching for the animals as he bealived that they can hear him. He wante everyone to know the words of the lord.

Mathew 3 verse 1 is important for young people who want to grow up and be preachers. They will know the importance of preaching to small group of people not everyone. Things are different now people have big churches which is a beautiful thing. Take your time and read about Matthew on the bible.

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