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The estate that we can not all avoid, its wise to ask God for grace to remain prepared: Opinion

Most of the people when they want to buy an estate or they want to sell their Estate, they normally look for an estate agent, but in this particular estate, there is only one agent, and that agent is God. He is the one that can decide weather it is time for you to join the residence of this estate or not.

It is very much important to do whatever we're doing knowing that one day, we will go to this estate. Where we will never return to have a choice of any other estate in the world. It doesn't matter how young and strong a person maybe, but if God has allowed that one should join these citizens here, you will join them. So it is very much important that a person must not fool him or herself that, I still have the time, the time is only now, the time is only today. Tomorrow may never come.

There is a song that one lady sings, she says' "our days are from the almighty God, never decide to preach tomorrow, you may be taken away before tomorrow, comes never decide to repent tomorrow, you may be taken away before tomorrow comes, never decided to fix your issues with your family or someone that you owe an apology, someone that you ore to do things right, never decide to do that tomorrow, tomorrow may never come, and when you die you won't make it to heaven.

When you die with a lot of things that would have been taken out your heart the time you were living, you will not go to heaven. This is the thing that has made a lot of people to end up being destined for hell, because they died with their hearts full of things, full of grudges, full of hatred, full of anger, full of jealousy and they never got a chance to empty themselves of these things. They never got a chance to even release the people that are having grudges against them, or the people that they themselves are having grudges against.

This is a place where no one can avoid, it is a destiny that is decided for you. It is not something that you can decide on your own, but however there are only two places that you can decide with your lifestyle today. You can decide to go to hell, you can decide to go to heaven, by how you live your life in this earth. You can decide what will happen after you've joined this estate, God bless you.

It is therefore appointed for a man to die once, and there after, is judgement day.


The day God will delete me out of this world. The day that my loved ones will be scared to approach me. The day I shall be left alone with all my deeds. The day that I will be refferd to as the deceased.

Oh God! We know that we cannot escape our return to this soil. But let your Mercy and holy spirit help us to live Right. 

Sand we are and onto sand we shall return.

Blessed assurance Jesus is mine

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